Smarter Business Analytics

Business analytics have appeared in current years as of strategic significance throughout the growing business. The reason being that they deliver you better business solutions

Business Analytics

What we did in past is a history, Future lies in where we are.. Where we are going, what we are supposed to do. Business analytics is the continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning.  An organization's competitive advantage increases with the degree of intelligence that it gains with its own data. Analytics is one-step ahead of traditional Business Intelligence.

Predictive Tool
Usage of analytics as primarily a predictive tool is up nearly threefold since 2009.
Increased Adoption
New study of analytics leaders finds increasing adoption across all industries.
68% of executives are committed to analytics in an increased manner since 2011. 
Customer Services
45% of organizations currently use predictive analysis for customer services. 
Use the results of prediction analytics for product recommendations and offers.
Positive Impact
Assert that predictive analytics will have a major positive impact on their organization. 

Business analytics have emerged in recent years as a strategic priority throughout the c-suite. The reason is simple: they drive better business outcomes .Historical reporting generally asks "What happened in the past?" Analytics, however, tries to analyze the historical information and predict "What might happen in the future?" Analytics delivers the true value of Intelligence to Business Intelligence.

Business analysts, developers and IT leaders are increasing the scope of business analytics to include new data sources such as machine data. Getting apt and significant business insight from these new data sources as well as traditional structured data sources can be a enormous value for the business.

Why Toggle?

Toggle's Business Intelligence services covers the full spectrum, from extracting data from your source systems to delivering that data to user desktops in form of easy to-use and secure applications. As more business units adopts business analytics as a service, opportunities for collaboration sharing expertise will grow.

We provide real time analysis for your business so that you can be updated and aware of your business more precisely and a better trend analysis follows. Our proactive monitoring makes you efficient in getting better insights of the operational visibility of the business. 


Transformational changes

We provide Business intelligence transformation like ERP transformation. 



Analyzing and forecasting of processes that takes place over a timeframe.


Text Analytics

Discovering and extracting meaningful patterns and relationships from text collections.


Data Visualization

Enhancing advanced analytics and exploratory data analysis with highly interactive statistical graphics



Highly Interactive & 3-D interface based charts, graphs etc. for better analysis & predictions from the data.


Data Mining

Creating predictive models by uncovering previously unknown trends and patterns in vast amounts of data.

Business Analytics Expertise

  • Analyzing and forecasting of processes
  • Text Analytics.
  • Data Visualization
  • Model Development, Management and Deployment
  •  Creating, managing and deploying statistical, predictive, scoring models in an enterprise computing environment.
  • Predict the future: - executives want to predict the future not just the past.
  • Consumerization: - expand the number of users
  • Transformational changes
  • Data accuracy
  • Drivers for change
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