Create and keep customers

CRM is premised on the credence of that developing a relationship with customers is the greatest way to get them turn into loyal and that loyal customers are more worth of investment.

CRM Solutions

CRM is a key tool for delivering valuable solutions to customers and maintaining vigorous relationship with them. Solution in Customer Relationship Management differs from business leads supervision or customer interfacing development or sales force mechanization to uninterrupted correlation management - from marketing to delivery of service or product.

 Marketers have started planning a social CRM initiative. 
social CRM achieving or increasing measurable ROI
Customer Response
Customers have used social media in the past year to receive a customer service response
consumers use social media to mind information,deals or recommendations
Accelerating Sales
CRM plays a major role in accelerating sales of the business
Customer Experience
Organizations cite complexity as the greatest barrier to improving multichannel customer experience

CRM is premised on the trust of that developing an affiliation with customers is the best way to get them to become faithful and those loyal customers are more gainful than the non-loyal customers. The strategy is to plan amplified customer retention.

You can get your precise CRM needs achieved by engaging a well-known CRM Development Firm for a solution that passively serves your requirements. By putting our years of experience to work and pick out decent package that suits you the best, we can deliver you with most appropriate CRM solution.

Why Toggle?

We implement several customer-focused strategies with our Custom CRM solutions to manage procedures like sales, leads management and channel management to meet the targets. Our customer-centric solutions help your company drive new growth, maintain practical agility, and reach operational excellence.

As CRM solution provider, we offer user-friendly systems with customizable interface that give you real time access to consumer information, order information, inventory tracking and account history. The Custom CRM Software solutions support both B2B and B2C support functions that reduces your clients as well as customer handling costs


Feasibility Analysis

We analyze and ensure the viability of your idea and how you can ensure maximum customer retention with the growth. 


Application audit and health checkup

We have developed and best in class methodologies which will make your ensure your business is a healthy enterprise. 


Data migration

we migrate your current data into our system and provide you extracted and filtered data which will enhance your current system. 


Custom reports development

Customized reports development lies in our expertise and we provide you accurately analyzed data reports


Data load/ETL

Based upon your unique requirements we process and develop a unique ETL engine which will fulfill your requirements. 


Application Aministration

we ensure that you can manage your applications easily and maintain them lifelong with no hassles

CRM Solutions

  • CRM Implementation
  • Implementing CRM Application in the client’s work environment & existing business process
  • Plug-ins Services
  • Plug-in Development and Third-Party Plug-in integration in CRMs
  • CRM Integration with Various ERPs
  • Integrating a new CRM system with legacy ERP or accounting system
  • CRM Data Migration
  • RM Data Conversion from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4
  • Remote Offshore Support for CRM
  • Complete CRM support services from a fully-equipped remote destination
  • Development of CRM Utilities
  • Specialty-driven CRM Utilities for bespoke business process needs.