Secured Solutions

Data is at the soul of every business, but is your company's data protected? The effects of data loss can be major: from lost business to a damaged reputation in industry.

Data Security

Sensitive data is universally present and in a environment of advanced threats and breaches, compact virtualization, evolving regulatory mandates, and accelerating mobility, organizations are taking a data-centric attitude for the defense and control of their sensitive data, while improving efficacies and economies of scale, and driving on the way to consistent and centralized management of an gradually heterogeneous environment.

Security Breach
Businesses were not able to detect a security breach
Security Issues
 People globally report leaving or avoiding companies due to security issues 
Purchasing Decisions
concerns about data security and privacy when consumers make purchasing decisions.   
Risk Assessment
million Have never completed an information security risk assessment
Document Disposal
Don’t have a secure method of document disposal. 
Web based Attacks
IT security executives who think most serious attacks are web based. 

Mishandled data can have serious repercussions for organizations, their employees and their supporters. Recent high profile examples include mislaid USB sticks and laptops left on trains. Privacy breaches can lead to unlimited financial drawbacks, bad press, and  reputation damage, lack of trust from supporters, loss of income and for employees the prospect of disciplinary action. It is in all of our interest to handle data suitably.

Our goal is to help secure the present computer network, stop data leakages either intentional or via a mistake, as well as lock down the mobile end point. Our proven success model, results in a secure network for our clients which permits your enterprise to grow proceeds from a secure internal and external computing environment. 

Why Toggle?

We prevent your organization's hard-won reputation which can be damaged overnight in the happening of a data loss incident that makes the headlines After the data loss companies try to substitute it by making new records.

But most of the times companies face a data gap meaning once the data is lost it can't be recuperated or replaced and as a consequence of data loss it may result in sluggish business processes adversely affecting the productivity of the company. 


Data protection

We help you protect your extremely sensitive data and deliver you encryption and data loss prevention at the utmost levels. 


Content Protection

We help you prevent leakage of sensitive data and their unauthorized movement outside the organization. 


Secured Messaging

we assist you in protecting your corporate email systems. We help you to block the worst traffic before it will impact to your networking system. 


Support services

we provide you data support services in case you are quite late enough for data protection. Its never too late to realize the importance of data security. 


24/7 Monitoring

we provide 24/7 monitoring services for your data which will allow you to focus on more prioritized areas of your business. 


Firewall services

Toggle will help you to get your servers  protected and secure from malicious  traffic so that it will act an a filter between your server and internet. 

Data Security Expertise

  • Built-in policies on a single framework.
  • Multilayered User Access Controls (MALC).
  • Backup Solutions: Scheduled backups of your critical business data
  • Encrypted Transmissions over networks.
  • Network and endpoint data loss prevention (TDLP).
  • Native enforcement of web (HTTP), secure web (HTTPS) and email (SMTP) traffic.
  • Confidential data discovery using both local and network scans.
  • A single console for all your management needs
  • Fostering layers of security to safeguard your valuable data and resources.
  • From start-up firms to established companies, Toggle Technology offers an absolute end-to-end Business Optimization solution in order to increase your business.
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