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Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resource Planning is an integration of business management modules and user friendly technology. ERP is a well-managed centralized data storage house which acquires

ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning is an integration of business management modules and user friendly technology. ERP is a well-managed centralized data storage house which acquires information from and supply information for complete computing solutions at universal level. In large business organization it's a difficult task to manage various data at different servers. ERP helps to manage data under one common platform. ERP software solutions are essential for optimizing costing accuracy for the benefit of making decisions on day to day operations.

Customer Retention
Best in class organizations with ERP have 91% customer retention. 
Cost of Ownership
SaaS ERPs total cost of ownership is low enough for 75% of organizations to consider it. 
Improved Profits
60% of the best in class organizations report improved profits as a result of ERP. 
Enhanced services
67% of the U.S. manufacturers say that their accounting or ERP system is helping better serve their customers. 
Advance Planning
76 % Organizations that successfully execute ERP projects start planning on average 6.6 months before implementation. 
Reduced Workload
57% of enterpreneurs agree that On a scale of 1 to 5, the average impact on IT workload is less than 3 with ERP implementation. 

ERP is the technology which provides the centralized business function to the organization by combining the Core processes. ERP has an extensive range of applications in both industrial and non-industrial areas such as construction, healthcare, education and research, insurance, raw and processed materials, banking, consumer products, logistics, transportation, wholesale, public sectors telecommunication, and so on.

With ERP an enterprise can automate its fundamental business applications, minimize the complexity and the cost of collaboration. It forces the enterprise itself to take part in the business process Reengineering (BPR) to optimize its operations, and finally result in a successful business. 

Why Toggle?

We offer a broad range of business insights and optimization solutions that will put the data you need to run a tight financial business right at your fingertips. Our solutions can also benefit you maximize the quality and efficacy of every customer communication, improve operational competency and cut down risk.

At Toggle we help your Management to have quick access to compound and meaningful information in the form of reports, charts and graphs. Coupled with our vast experience, these data driven reports will allow your management to quickly do SWOT analysis of the business and steer the business towards the path to profitability.


Full Proof ERP System

While framing a full proof ERP system we do a thorough study of your existing operational framework.


Analyzing Your Resources

By interpreting and analyzing your enterprise resources, we wisely put them in our optimized manner. 


Automated Intelligent System

This lets us create an automated intelligent system that resourcefully integrates with your entire operational.


Web Based ERP Applications

We provide web based ERP applications, ERP software application, and other ERP application development services.


Complete Solution for every business

Today’s small and midsize organizations are increasingly looking for more flexible and cost effective ways to run their business


Improved Collaboration

An ERP that has been properly implemented and that is adapted to the company s needs improves collaboration, streamline tasks and decreases IT and administrative costs to ensure a return on investment. 

ERP Solutions Expertise

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction.
  • Improved speed and performance.
  • Enhanced tracking and forecasting.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity levels.
  • The ability to effortlessly communicate information across various departments.
  • Better & Systematic inventory handling with analysis
  • Excellent communication with your new visitors and regular customers.
  • Fully trailered Inventory Management for your products management.
  • Unbeaten Promotion of your products.
  • Effective and safe conduction of business transactions.
  • Reduced operational costs.
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