Networking solutions

Networking solutions which integrate all hardware, software and services to meet your IT requirements.

Networking solutions

Networking solutions integrate all hardware, software and services to meet your IT requirements. You depend on your network to connect employees, systems, and customers. But with the rapid growth of mobile applications and machine to machine data, enterprise networks can often become overloaded, that means slower connections and decreased productivity

System Downtime
Companies experienced one or more instances of system downtime. 
Downtime Cost
is the average cost of a downtime per year for a business
Shut Down
business that lose data due to a disaster are forced to shut down within two years
Survival Rate
is the survival rate for business without a backup and disaster recovery plan. 
Malware Incidents
Report instances of downtime as a result of malware related incidents. 
Insider Attacks
all successful attacks on the computer networks were carried out by employees and insiders. 

Toggle Technology delivers innovative networking solutions to help organizations improve their time-to-value, operational excellence, and ability to leverage networking technologies.

We design, install, support and maintain IT networks for organizations. We provide cost-effective, high quality solutions from conceptualization to commissioning stage, to build reliability and security into standalone as well as converged Video/Data/Voice networks for unified communications.At Toggle Technology, we make sure that your company data always has a backup and it is secure. We help you develop the best IT strategy for your business. Whether you run a home-based business, a medium sized corporation, or a large-scale business with a complex network environment, we aim to provide you with the best service available for your company.

Why Toggle?

We provide uninterrupted running networks, which has approximately 99.97% uptime and Our experts lets you have access to up-to-date security software and virus protection software. We offer automation of the configuration and provisioning of the server.

We minimize the cost and time taken associated with the task saving your time and money and we help you in identifying problems before they actually occur as experts monitor and troubleshoot your network systems 24x7.


Life cycle Services

Designing,Planning, Operating, deploying and maintaining the best communication networks across the globe. 


IT services and Support

we work with every client to assess their requirements and recognize the needs and provide IT services which improves your business efficiency. 


Building Customer Networks

We build customer networking solutions in order to provide business continuation and growth which will eventually assist you to reach at the top. 


Smarter Solutions

We provide Smart networking solutions which will help your business to grow continuously and lead you further. 


Desktop Virtualisation

We ensure that our services help you in reducing desktop IT costs, improves security, increase control and expand connectivity. 


Visible Networks

Toggle Solutions help clients to extract key insights from their networks and make intelligent business decisions with providing an easier way to migrate over next gen networks. 

Networking solutions Expertise

  • Network Design and Review
  • Network Audit and Review
  • Network Upgrades
  • Consulting
  • Network Relocation
  • Customized firewall for your infrastructure.
  • Server installation/maintenance.
  • Active Directory deployment and management
  • Exchange Server deployment and management (Other mail systems used and managed as well).
  • Internet Connectivity for corporates
  • Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation
  • Specialist hosting (high availability, web-scale hosting)
  • 24/7 support (expert engineers available around the clock)
  • Experts in open source systems and network automation
  • Proactive Management anticipates problems before they happen
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