One Website, Multiple Screens

Get one website design to support all of the devices your customers use to connect to your online store.

Responsive Designing

Responsive design infers that website design and development should respond to your customers’ actions and device based on screen size, platform and orientation. While not really a new attitude to web design, it resolves many of the design challenges caused by the propagation of new types of mobile devices since the result is a website design that stretches minimizes or eliminates content based on the user’s screen size, whether that screen is a desktop monitor, smartphone or tablet. For example if a customer chooses to view your ecommerce site using their smartphone, all of the content will readjust to fit the available space.

Global data traffic
Global mobile data traffic will increase between 2010-15
Webpages slow
66 % webpages slow to load
Websites for smartphones
48% websites not made for smartphones
Difficult to read
42% websites difficult to read on device
People wont revisit
80% of people won’t revisit after a negative mobile experience
More purchase
More than one in three mobile device users have made at least one purchase during the past

As mobile/portable devices with small, medium, large, and super giant screens all gain growing adhesion in the market, it’s necessary on content producers to provide experiences optimized for whatever device the consumer happens to be holding. Many digital designers comprehend that if you’re going to serve an asset on a tablet you need to make sure it works on a tablet, and is adjusted to tablet-style user behavior but some still recycle web or smartphone creative for tablets, squandering the prospect to leverage the richer tablet environment.

With one website design to support all of the devices your customers use to connect to your online store, you expressively limit duplicate efforts and abridge maintenance. Additionally you can create integrated analytics reports based on a particular set of KPIs (key performance indicators) across all devices, enhancing efficiency and providing perception into multichannel effectiveness.

Why Toggle?

We at toggle help you to create user experience of hundreds of millions of mobile customers. Whether they are on a 14” laptop or an iPhone 4S, they won’t have to scroll, zoom and pinch their way around to find the information they need.

 With us, you will save time and money by not maintaining a separate mobile friendly site. And you can also relax knowing your customers will be treated to an optimal experience, whether they are at home, on the bus or on vacation. 


One website for every screen

Toggle provide you one website for every screen


Giving choice for the viewers

Giving choice for the viewers on any screen they want.


The future of the web

The future of the web is on mobile devices.


The next great hope

The next great hope for the web world.


Design for an optimal experience

Design for an optimal viewing experience is our prime target.


Changing your web from static to fluid

We help you to Change your web from static to fluid.

Responsive Designing Expertise

  • It keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL
  • Googles algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content
  • One URL + Single content = Multiple Devices
  • Better visibility
  • Accessible
  • Easy conversion and check out
  • Increased overall user efficiency.
  • Increase conversions
  • Be future focused 
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