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Ux Design & Usability Testing

Usability Testing is crucial because the designer has no control and cannot instruct the users or website visitors once the website goes live. There'll be all kind of browsers, incompatible hardware setups, expectations, requirements and thus inconsistencies. Extensive website usability testing is significant to ensure that the website meets the client's requirements as well as provides the accurate level of navigational ease, functionality and interactivity to the visitors.

Though User Experience Design is thoroughly allied with Usability Testing and other User-Centered Design methods, which focus on human performance enhancement, one of its unique aspects is presence of emotional aspects of human experience.

One of the main beliefs of User Experience Design is simply incorporating user feedback in to the design evolution process. That is, co-evolving the system with its user’s. If the design process is not achieved for timely collection, experienced interpretation, and judicious application of user input in to the system’s design revision cycles, then it is not a User Experience Design process. 

Why Toggle?

At Toggle, we create powerful user interfaces and visual designs to attract and retain users. Toggle incorporates first-class User Interface design principles with best of breed engineers who work alongside one another to deliver rich, engaging immersive experiences. Toggle's user-centered design approach ensures that our team delivers solutions that meet customer expectations. By interacting with the intended users throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, we ensure that our clients are comfortable with the final user interface design of the final product.

Toggle maintains user experience standards in all of its projects, from website development to custom software solutions. This standard enables them to develop easy-to-use products, satisfy customers, decrease expenditures on technical support and training, advertise ease-of-use successes, and ultimately increase market share.


Innovative solutions

Toggle provide end-to-end innovative product development services based on client needs.



We have expert UX/UI designers, who will design as per your need.


Improve Conversion Rates

Our usability testing solutions will improve your conversion rate.


Client Satisfaction

We provide 100% client satisfaction with our quality work.

Ux Design & Usability Testing Expertise

  • A good User Interface creates trust
  • Nurtures customer loyalty
  • The User Experience delivers on the promises of the professional looking User Interface
  • Digital Projects are an Investment
  • People love to share positive experiences
  • A customer experience is the holistic experience
  • User centered design
  • Usability testing
  • Accessibility
  • Information architecture 
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