Re structure your business

Re-engineering make the most of long-term forecasts for your business.

Application Re-engineering

Application re-engineering is the examination and modification of a system to reconstruct it in a new form. Less formally, re-engineering is the modification of a software system that takes place after it has been differently engineered, usually to add new functionality, or to correct faults.

Over a period of time, several companies face difficulties with their age old software applications or legacy applications. These applications are a problem for the company. However, it is unwise to abandon them before building new and enhanced applications, as with time these applications gather the much essential data and the more importantly the experience of the users operating them. There is a necessity to convert such Applications, suitable to the latest technology environment by various approaches of Porting, Migration and Re-engineering. IT Monarch has the expertise to undertake such projects and deliver the much vital changes to your old applications.

Any established product becomes outdated in due course of time. Such a product catalyzes product support and upgrades. This catalysis is problematic and expensive. The resolution is to build a product for a wide segment of potential customers and preserve the key customer section. Subsequently, several business owners purpose migration of their products to a mainstream technology and first-hand platform.

Why Toggle?

Toggle provides Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) syndicates features of re-engineering and business process outsourcing, and rationalizes them to return value in a short period of time. This, of course, make the most of long-term prospects for your business.

Toggle technology’s  solutions and services empower clients to collaborate varied processes and disparate applications across the extended supply chain and access transparent, exact, and real- time information exchange. Our enterprise transformation services include complete valuation and revival of an organization’s business applications and systems including both internal processing and client facing applications.


Code re-structuring

We restructure your code for the system & you get your system in the most efficient modified manner.



Documentations are essential part of the system, they are required to be re-documented at time.


Platform transitions

We explore the platform and technology to be supported and Technology range suitable for you.


Knowledge transmission

We provide you with the research of data domain and conception of thorough specifications for the project

Application Re-engineering

  • Business and technology capabilities
  • Unified with CMM Level 5 re-engineering process
  • Aligns IT solutions to business requirements.
  • Exclusive project management processes.
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • New solution architecture to make any enhancement easy to implement
  • Clearly-defined knowledge management process and support infrastructure
  • Strong project planning and management processes lessen the operational and added business risks
  • Smooth rollout of new technology platforms, organization-wide.
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