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Bulk SMS has expanded the capability of SMS by implementing the ability to send multiple SMS's simply.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS has expanded the capability of SMS by implementing the ability to send multiple SMS's simply. SMS marketing is the newest form of advertising used by companies to promote their products and services to existing or potential customers via mobile phone.

Personal Approach
People looks at their phones 150 times per day. 
of the text messages are read. 
Mobile users have their phone within an arm s reach 14 hours per day. 
SMS marketing campaigns are successful 
Mobile Coupons
People would like to receive mobile coupons from their favorite business
mobile coupons are shared with at least 1 friend. 

SMS is an effective marketing tool. Any other source of promotion has not been able to show the kind of results in the form of sales conversions which Bulk SMS has exhibited. Whether your business is small scale or large scale, global SMS marketing greatly benefits you by attracting customers from all over the world. Not only for marketing, but for it can also be used for alerts purpose. Various kinds of alerts, stock tips, and verification SMS from websites are sent using this methodology only. It has proven to be successful in every field. 


Group SMS is a tool through which you can send your commercials to thousands of mobile users in a single shot at just a click of your mouse. Regardless of their geographical location, your messages gets delivered into their inbox. 

Why Toggle?

Our bulk SMS solutions are aimed at generating consistent leads to our clients from diverse background. We put together a series of marketing strategies in order to achieve best results for our esteem clients. 

We understand that SMS marketing needn’t be a text blast with those annoying promotional SMS. As a bulk text messaging software for mobile marketing company, we focus on capitalizing on the intimacy of a cell phone to truly tap the potential of SMS advertising as a means to converse and connect with the customer while offering them value.


Potential customers

Businesses which wants to interact or discover new market of potential customers.


Single Click Solution

Bulk SMS Marketing is that the message can easily be send to thousands of mobile phone numbers at just one click.



It provides an easy, reliable and cost effective way to keep in contact with one or thousands of people.



Bulk SMS offers you with a flexible and adaptable platform, which you can use as per your need, requirement and convenience.


Increased sales

Response rate of the Bulk SMS Marketing is very high and therefore chances of better sales increases automatically.


Promote your business

Organizations which wants to send group text messages such as event notifications, promotions or bulk text alerts.

Bulk SMS Marketing Expertise

  • Gaia Framework Membership for SMS monitoring.
  • Scheduled SMS's according to custom filters.
  • Customer care at its best.
  • Dedicated 24/7 online ticket support .
  • Quality lines, no delay in sending message .
  • Backup lines in emergency times.
  • Genuine Database.
  • SMS Marketing Will Generate More New Clients.
  • More Business Will Be Generated From Existing Clients.
  • Gross Profit Margin Must Be Improved.
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Instant Response
  • High Response Ratio
  • No or little Waste
  • Immediate Delivery
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