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Without a doubt a positive online brand experience produces loyal customers.

Facebook Page Branding

With such a great user base, Facebook is becoming a common tool for public relations and advertising Professionals to reach mass audiences. Facebook fan pages allow brands to create an online community of brand users on the social networking site. The public profiles, which function in a similar manner to individual user profiles, allow a brand to share information and post updates, photos, and more.

Facebook users purchase more from the brands listed there.
Brand connections
US social network users connect with brands through Facebook.
more likely to recommend a brand to their friends.
New Customers
B2C companies say they acquired new customers through Facebook.
Brand Interaction
Brand interaction On Facebook increased 
people are likely to purchase from a brand they follow or "like".

According to Facebook fan pages .Pretty much any company worth its salt has a Facebook existence. After all, there are more than 1 billion people on the site, so it makes sense to go where the audience is.

Without a doubt a positive online brand experience produces loyal customers. As several studies have revealed, the majority of consumers who involve with a brand in the digital space whether by contributing in a contest or by liking a brand on Facebook- tend to not only purchase of products, but also make recommendations to their friends and family. 

Why Toggle?

At toggle we help you to maintain huge fan base with the continuous growth. your social interactions are taken care by us  in an efficient manner increasing the engagement rates and response rate. 

We prepare a competitive analysis of your business and suggest you strategies which will make you ahead of your competitors. We at toggle helps you to maintain industrial benchmarking and monitor the response rate of your business. 


Monitor and measure

Toggle will assist you in monitoring the growth of your business using Facebook Branding. 


Higher interaction rates

this will lead your customers interact more frequently. 


Schedule updates

we assist you in scheduling updates about your business to be posted when required. 


Active business

Toggle helps you to Make your business active. 


Quick Information

You are prone to Get the more information quickly. 



get more appropriate and quick feedback. 

Facebook Page Branding Expertise

  • Analyze your client behavior online.
  • Grow your business by generating new business lead.
  • Market your products using Facebook applications & games.
  • Automatic broadcasting of Real-time social activities as usage stories based on various user actions
  • Understand your target user much better with us by using Facebook survey applications.
  • Learn about your competitors & their approach to market.
  • Bookmarks on users' homepage for quick re-engagement.
  • Real-time social activity broadcasts automatically as usage stories based on various user actions.
  • User to user and app to user notifications deliver the core of vitality and engagement.
  • Requests such as invites can be seen on a user' dashboard and encourage social connectivity.
  • App profiles and search are similar to fan pages, allow embedding of custom tabs, and can serve as an engagement channel for users that 'like' that app.
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