Divert the traffic towards you

The website that online customers find themselves directed to when they click on your business PPC ad matters a lot.

Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is one of the utmost targeted and flexible means of advertising accessible by search engine. Pay per click allows you to range customers who are actively seeking information about your online services and your products. It is very fast and targeted customers are directed to your website. Pay per Click ads are Exposed as a sidebar on most Search Engine results pages.

Keyword Searches
PPC accounts for clicks for high commercial keyword searches.
Sponsored results
Almost 67% of the clicks go to sponsored results. 
paid ads for high commercial intent keywords 
paid Ads .
people couldn’t identify paid ads on the search results page. 
Business will have control over the campaign 
Instant Traffic
Instant traffic redirected towards your business. 

PPC is a method of online advertising used by Internet search engines, networks and content sites, such as blogs, in which businesses can display ads that appear alongside the results of Internet searches. Thus, when a customer conducts an Internet search, say for a particular type of digital camera, he or she will perceive advisements from a variety of related merchants’ today’s increasingly Web centric world, a well-managed and optimized PPC campaign can be the most cost-effective method of advertising

Indeed, search marketing is the firmest growing section of the advertising industry, accounting for roughly $30 billion per year, or more than 50 percent of all online advertising dollars .Also, the leads generated through PPC are “prequalified.” Distinct from traditional forms of advertising, where messages are geared toward catering to extensive audiences that may or not be interested in a specific product, PPC is designed to reach individual consumers who have already expressed an interest in the products and services offered namely, by selecting and clicking on specific advertisements.

Why Toggle?

Here at Toggle Technology we offer you the service of advertising through PPC across all the platforms currently available like Google Adwords, MSN Ad Center and Yahoo Search Marketing. 

 Our PPC management services aim to save you time, hassle and money by allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities whilst we ensure your advertising delivers the right volume and quantity of sales enquiries to help grow your business

Pay Per Click Services



Setting-up of PPC campaigns and accounts.


Advisory services

Advising on budgeting and its management.



Research on keywords and discovery of new relevant keywords


Target Market:-

Appropriate Ad targeting according to various factors. 



Regular tracking of performance and improvement of campaign. 



Accurate reports about the ad campaigning. 

Pay Per Click Expertise

  • speed to market
  • Instant traffic 
  • Easy to target specific audience 
  • Total control over campaign
  • Pay only for performance 
  • Improve campaign roi 
  • Easy to measure results 
  • Ability to create a level playing field for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. 
  • With the best keyword selection and ad placement, small businesses can have their ads appear right above or just below larger competitors 
  • Gives businesses complete control over what potential customers see in search results
  • PPC gives advertisers complete control over their advertising budgets.
  • Serve as an important market research tool, as it highlights precisely the keywords and phrases that attract the best prospects and sales.
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