Revolutionizing the trend

SMM is a new way through which brand/product loyalty is created by organizations amongst their customers online, making the use of social media networks.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is revolutionizing the way that companies interact with their market. It has changed the way how one conducts the brands conduct their business. As of today, many business organizations are turning to Social Media Marketing (SMM) to come closer to their customers.

Business objectives
business are using social networking for business objectives
Marketing plans
marketers are integrating social media into their marketing plans.
businesses using social media marketing have been using it more than 3 years.
Less competition
businesses using social media marketing have been using it for less than a year.
Consumer preference
consumers preferred to know a company via articles rather than ads.
Broad Reach
have a company page on a social networking site.

Social media offers a huge opportunity for businesses to reach & engage the target audience as majority of the target audience for any brand is now active on either one or more of the popular social/corporate platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. This makes it imperious for businesses to indulge in SMM activities that not only help them to understand customers’ needs and preferences but even fuels their online presence to a great extent.

A strong social media presence, on popular websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, is an absolute requirement for all types of twenty-first century businesses and organizations. It offers companies with a personalized platform to unite with their customers, and in turn shapes those customers' insights of their products and services.

Why Toggle?

By using social media as a way to advertise, we at toggle make you speak directly to consumers in an arena they are comfortable with. We discover that how With this much activity, social media and social networking ultimately has the power to transform the behavior of consumers, as well as influence their decision making.

We make sure that your Businesses respond to this and choose from the resources accessible to them to help sponsor their online reputation, and increase their overall client base. Social Media Marketing should not be undervalued. 


Customer service

Providing customer service is likely already a top priority for your business. 


Build your relationships

Social media lets you to strengthen relationships with these contacts through social engagement. 


Social reports

we assist you in knowing how many times your newsletter was shared and on which social media



we assist you in starting there and this will make it easier when you want to try something new.

Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding & analyzing your Business Model.
  • Understanding your target clients groups & market competitors.
  • Creating proper plans and strategies regarding social media marketing
  • Running campaigns on Facebook fan page, YouTube channels, Flicker profile and Twitter profile & many more along with interlinking them, if at all needed.
  • Connecting latest social trends & hypes with the every campaigns & marketing strategies
  • Performing important and regular activities with the advent and during the campaign launch including monthly updates, videos, blogs, and forums and so on.
  • Establishing social media monitoring tools for evaluation of performance and checking out whether your site has been receiving real traffic, thus increasing brand reputation simultaneously.
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