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CMS Application Development

Content management (CM) is described as software that forms, categorizes, attains, and stores assortments of digital works in any medium or format. It denotes to the process of handling various types of structured and unstructured info, including images and documents that may comprise billing data, customer service information, or additional types of content. It also refers to the method of capturing, storing, sorting, coding, integrating, updating and protecting any and all information.

48% of the top 100 blogs currently use WordPress as their CMS.
CMS Sites
CMS helps you to save $2000- $50000 a year on programmers work.
Market Share
Magento has got 26% market share around the world. 
30% of people choose CMS based website above their own
54% of people want to do business with companies which have an updated website
Almost 24% sites report using Drupal. 

Content Management System (CMS) covers the comprehensive life cycle of your site, right from the conception through the organization, division, to publishing the information. Website content consists of written text, pictures, photo galleries and graphics, audio, video clippings, photo galleries and graphics.

In the present competitive business situation, interactive website is inevitable for success of the online business. Toggle Technology offers custom CMS web development services. Our developers proficiently utilize, advanced CMS website development platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Word press, deliver end-to-end content management solutions for their clients.

Why Toggle?

At toggle you receive customized CMS solutions, which helps you to keep your website updated completely and ultimately lets visitors end up at your website for latest information, news content, etc. Your website always enjoys a competitive edge because now you can quickly react to the market changes and update the content accordingly.

We confirm that CMS developed for you is completely optimized for the search engine so that your web content enjoys higher ranking in the search engine rankings, which in turn drives up the traffic to your site. If you want your CMS developed at a short notice, we take advantage of ready-made modules available and integrate it seamlessly in your website. Our development team has expertise in joomla, WordPress and Drupal etc.

CMS Application Development Services


Dynamic Web content

business data in relational database and personalized information


Business documents

Enable direct external communication with customers,partners, and suppliers


Rich media

digital audio and video which is rapidly transforming areas of training, education, marketing etc.


Team Collaboration Content

Web collaboration sessions or  threads, Webcast content, and instant messages that are rapidly becoming an important information asset.


Record Management

It is being driven by government and industry regulations.


completely optimized

We ensure that CMS developed for you is completely optimized for the search engine.

CMS Application Development Expertise

  • Building applications on databases
  • Schema design
  • Logic design and UI design.
  • Data model and business rules definitions
  • Integrated, extensible platform
  •  Data Architect Application Developer & Web Interface
  • Repository schema design and data
  • The application developer
  • Development tooling
  • Smooth transition
  • Rapid development of content Management 
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