Next Generation portals

A web portal can be defined as a website used to enter the Internet for delivering a variety of information, tools and applications in a unified way.

Portal development

A web portal can be well-defined as a website used to enter the Internet for providing a diversity of information, tools and applications in an integrated way. It provides an integrated platform for information delivery, communication, associating and automating business processes through interrelated applications and web services and may comprise of various resources and services like shopping malls, news, stock prices, info, and entertainment, e-mail, forums, search engines, online that help users to interact with individuals and groups spread over the internet.

 of Business hours are spent with portal these days. 
projects include or plan to include portal development. 
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pages are viewed every day on varied portals. 

We understand the importance of businesses to connect to the world socially. Social networking is the most rewarding platform that helps businesses to extent to a larger worldwide audience, build communities, and share information and knowledge. A company which is socially attached to its target audience drives more traffic, generating superior leads. Considering this fact, we help businesses create compelling, instinctive and feature-rich social websites via social networking engine.

Whether you are looking for building a private internal network for intra-business collaboration, association or university, or establishing an complicated commercial environment for improved peer to peer interaction, trade, publishing content, and trade, our advanced enterprise solutions can assist you attain your core social networking objectives.  And all these, and far added, can be accomplished with the social networking engine.

Why Toggle?

At Toggle Technologies, we offer social networking engine consulting, training, hosting, and development services. If you are constructing or running your own social networking engine and require assistance, we recommend that you hire our qualified and reliable services, guaranteeing you complete peace of mind that you are getting professional support and advice that will help you get the most out of the social networking engine.

We offer wide-range of services for social networking engine development and execution. This includes consultation, training, hosting, development, and deploying a ascendable and high performance social networking engine.



Our portfolio includes both general and niche on-line communities. At toggle you get access to the professionals who can provide your on-line community with unique branding, totally custom look and feel and supply it with the most popular social networking tools.


Social commerce

Whether you want to launch a full-size social commerce project or just extend your existing application with social shopping tool, you can rely on toggle to incorporate smart networking features into your solution and securely integrate it with web payment systems. 


Online servicing

 If you plan to launch an on-line service you can rely on toggle to develop it fully social, and equip it with the best features and tools for enhanced visibility and user experience.


Content exchange and delivery

If your SNS idea is aligned around exchanging media content, we invite you to take advantage of toggle’s extensive expertise in building highly scalable and solutions, able to store and deliver large data volumes

Portal development Expertise

  • Essential social networking tools like as User Profiles,
  • Content licensing and subscription management
  • Custom themes and branding
  • Advertising management tools
  • Ability to embed or create rich media such as files, photos and video
  • Next-generation tagging and search tools
  • News/data aggregation services
  • Professional database and application server architecture to sustain high loads
  • Most open program architecture to ensure scalability for future extension
  • Modular structure for easier maintenance and support
  • Best-practice development techniques for cost reduction
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