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Blackberry is one of the oldest and successful smartphone platforms, especially for business use. With our Blackberry app development solution you not only build an app but a way to take your business to the next level.

Blackberry Application Development

BlackBerry devices are key communication tools in today’s business world, with maximum coverage of the worldwide business market. Blackberry smart phones have changed the face of mobile communications. BlackBerry enables users to stay connected with wireless access to e-mail, calendars, messaging, and corporate data. Secure access to corporate e-mail has been made possible by the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Phone Sales
16% blackberry phone sales in 4Q 2013
Market Share
Blackberry's Market share is 6.9%
app Downloads
6 million apps downloaded as of march 2013
Phone owners
10% of people are current iPhone owners
Over 7 million Blackberry subscribers worldwide
Around 1 million Blackberry apps when it launches

Enterprise-friendly features, instant international connectivity and easy access to office applications on the go make BlackBerry the favorite device of businessmen. While Blackberry's usage has been decreasing in comparison to the other mobile operating systems, it still boasts of millions of users and because of its security features there are a lot of enterprise who still rely on RIM.

Undoubtedly, the phoning abilities and the compelling business communication features of the BlackBerry makes it different from the other smart phone devices. Blackberry has created its own space in the market. It has high technical compliance and its features are commendable. Blackberry devices have long been known as the benchmark for security standards in the world of business communications. The BlackBerry App Development solution is used in many organizations to access personal information and mobile emails. The two main software platforms used for BlackBerry Applications Development solutions are:

  • Java Micro Edition (J2ME)
  • MDS

Why Toggle?

We have Extensive experience in developing Mobile Applications for different versions of Blackberry. We have a professional team of blackberry application development. Our expert BlackBerry Application Developers employ the best possible technical ideas to reach with best end product. We have vast experience in developing various BlackBerry applications in different industry verticals. Our experienced team of engineers delivers bugs free applications that enhance the utility of the gadgets. We offer quality services in the domain of app development for Smartphones like Blackberry.

We are familiar with the creation of Blackberry applications and will provide you with not only an application framework that will improve your business functioning, but with a design that will rival some of the best apps in the market. Our team of expert developers will work with you and ensure that the application is built to your requirements and within give time and budget. Whether you are looking for an enterprise application or an app that will work as a simple utility to users, we will help you build a Blackberry application that is scalable and robust.

Blackberry Development Services


Development of Customized Apps

We develop customized blackberry apps that solve specific business problems.


App Security

We create extremely secure apps that comply with utmost security criteria


Build simple and easy to use apps

We build highly functional apps that are simple and easy to use.


Build strong brand

We build app that strengthen brand message and help building stronger brand.


Innovative app development

We develop entertaining and innovative entertainment and social apps for mobiles.



We do manual application testing before delivering.

Blackberry Application Development Expertise:

  • Blackberry Application Development
  • Blackberry Web Widget Development
  • Blackberry Games Development
  • Custom Blackberry App Development
  • Ecommerce App development for Blackberry
  • Blackberry Catalogue Application Development
  • Blackberry Magazine Reader Application Development
  • Blackberry Business Apps Development
  • Blackberry Enterprise App Development
  • Blackberry compatible Mobile Website Development
  • Blackberry Web Service Integration
  • Blackberry Digital Album Development
  • Blackberry Social networking Integration
  • Blackberry GPS, Bluetooth, Push APIs, Google MAP integration
  • Porting and migration of other App to Blackberry Platform
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